About Chakrub Crystals

In this section you will see why Chakrub Crystals are included as part of the Glastonbury Tantric Temple and why we have them as part of a tantric lifestyle.

Chakrubs are tantric tools, made from 100% pure and natural crystal. They are crafted by hand into a range of perfect shapes and sizes that fit intimately with both male or female bodies.
Chakrubs invite a sense of sacredness to your pleasure time, with their unique combination of beauty and power.


Chakrub crystals are perfect companions for sacred sexual healing because they are natural and bodysafe, they also carry the vibration of the earth, as well as healing properties for your well-being.


We understand that crystals have a perfect molecular structure that emits beneficial frequencies for our body, mind and spirit. Combine this with a positive intention and sexual pleasure for the the ultimate tantric love making session.
Chakrubs redefine sexual pleasure, by forming a bridge between passionate love and spiritual love. They uphold our view of sacred sex perfectly because they symbolize taking ownership of your own sexual healing.


When you journey with a chakrub, you are telling the universe that you are ready to explore what it means to be activated by your own sensual body. You are ready to delve into your personal story around sexuality and to heal wounds that may be holding you back from discovering your unique tantric being.


Chakrubs are potent tools that have that can unlock your sensuality and empower you to feel, to desire and to experience the sacredness of your sexual-self.


Chakrubs are ultimately tantric because they bring their user into the present moment, quietly awakening the senses to subtle touch and reaffirming the potential for ecstasy in seeming simplicity.
Tantric love making is a goal free zone, which well suits the chakrubs, as despite their individual healing properties, they do not “work” to fulfill this purpose, it is up to the individual to discover their own flow.


When you invite a chakrub into your Tantric lovemaking, it is your choice how you relax and centre yourself to welcome the benefits of the healing energy of the crystal. The invitation is to learn how you best like to touch and be touched by your chakrub, nothing is pre scripted for you. Everything is experienced in the moment. This is tantra.


Ceremony and ritual often play a significant role in Tantra, transforming feelings of shame, embarrassment and stuck energy into the more positive vibrations of pleasure.


Through creating love making rituals with Chakrubs, you can transform the way you feel about your desire, taking pride in it rather than shaming it.
  • Crystal can be a wonderful shame buster,
  • by simply setting the tone for you to create your own intentions of sexual wellness.
  • it’s becoming widely known and accepted that our thoughts hold energy, so we can put our intentions into crystals with our thoughts. With Chakrubs, the idea is to create an intentional tantric practice or ceremony.


So if you have some kind of block with sexuality or negative feelings about your body or have experienced trauma, putting an intention in the crystal before you make love with yourself or your beloved is a therapeutic way to overcome such things and to open yourself up to deeper love and intimacy.
Chakrubs are the ultimate allies for sacred sexual healing. They have the potential to create harmony and balance in your mind, body, spirit. Simply being in their presence can be a great stress buster, their beauty alone is soothing to the heart. Sleeping wiith a chakrub under your pillow can enable restorative sleep and holding any chakrub next to your brow, heart or abdomen, whilst meditating, can instantly deepen your inner journey.


Meditation and deep relaxation play an intrinsic part in authentic tantric practice. The deeper our connection with ourselves, the deeper we can connect to another.


While the experience of ecstatic pleasure is often a much desired output of Tantric lovemaking, often times, the initial step into this deeper pleasure arises from a period of sacred sexual healing.


Most adults experience some form of sexual angst in their lifetime. Albeit concerns about performance or emotional/physical discomfort, resulting from trauma. Chakrubs can help to gently ease these often repressed emotions to surface for healing.


Crystals have perfect molecular structure, which is why they have a positive effect on our electromagnetic field. They’re really good conductors of energy, especially sacred sexual healing energy.
It can happen that along your journey with sexualit, that you subconsciously dissociate from your body. This can happen because of trauma, negative sexual experiences or lack of education, confidence or connection. In this case, it becomes apparent that the need to heal and to connect with yourself is more vital to your being than the strive for pleasure.


Since the crystals are hand-crafted to be incredibly smooth, they can offer pain relief and healing for women who experience vaginal pain, atrophy, genital nerve pain, pelvic pain, or painful sex. They can be equally beneficial to men with concerns about sexual function and those seeking to experience the healing benefits of prostate massage or are recovering from
Pleasure is subjective and sexual pleasure is a very personal pursuit and often times difficult to quantify, However one way that crystals work is through amplifying energy.


This means that when you play with a chakrub, you are combining your sexual energy with that of the crystal, thus creating powerful energetic vibrations that sensitize you to pleasurable frequencies. Combine all this with mindfulness and intention and you will be well on your journey of exploring about our bodies capacity for pleasure.
Crystals hold the potential to raise physical consciousness to it’s spiritual level and likewise in lovemaking and self pleasuring, the chakrubs open up a pathway for you to access your connection to Spiritual realms.


When you purchase a crystal Chakrub, you are saying to the universe, ‘I’m ready to go on a journey, I’m ready to accept love into my life and to show up for myself and be ready to experience life’s simple pleasures.” This is a profound spiritual and will be deeply transformative on all levels.


Tantra honors the body as the abode of the divine. An integral part of Tantra is this love of the body a an expression of spirit in matter. Chakrubs are a loyal companion on this journey.


Set up an alter with a central chakrub and meditate with your crystal or simply gaze softly into your crystal to deepen your practice or breath the energy of the crystal through the appropriate Chakra to revitalise your mind, body and spirit.

Heart to heart communication is always a vital component of any healthy relationship, this is especially so when it comes to choosing a sex toy to enhance your relationship intimacy.


There is a great variety of Chakrub shapes and sizes to suit every lovemaking preference, each one enhanced by the powerful energy of crystals.


Chakrubs can help to bring healing vibrations at times of relationship disharmony or can increase the potential for sharing meditative states during love making and have new shared experiences discovering together the benefits of the crystals.


Crystals can be programmed with positive affirmations for your relationship or even for the relationship that your heart desires for the future. Love making rituals performed with your chakrub can channel sexual energy to create a desired outcome, through focused intention and heightened states of energetic vibration.


Chakrubs don’t vibrate via batteries but their aim is to encourage lovers to become sensitive to their subtle energetic vibrations and as such, develop more connected lovemaking with your beloved.


How to use a chakrub for tantric love making

  •  Place it on your alter for meditation and affirmations
  • Hold your chakrub next to any Chakra that needs energising or clearing.
  • Program you chakrub before love making with positive outcomes for your relationship or a situation needing help
  • Play with your chakrub during love making or self pleasuring by rolling the crystal on your erogenous zones.
  • Sleep with your Chakrub under your pillow or next to your body and discover how your body temperature will heat up the crystal.
  • Practice genital or anal intimate massage with your crystal. The gradual increase in circumference of the crystal Wands and its ability to be warmed to a comfortable temperature could make it a wonderful dilator.
  • Regular practice with your crystal egg will greatly enhance the control of your pc muscles, enabling you to experience more powerful orgasms.
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