About Sacred Sex Toys

In this section you will see why Sacred Sex Love Toys are included as part of the Glastonbury Tantric Temple and why we have them as part of a tantric lifestyle.

Sacred Sex Love Toys are a collection of ultra beautiful sex toys that have been consciously chosen for men, women and couples to enhance Tantric love making, as well as being the perfect companions for Sacred Sexual healing.

Sex toys for the most part are not considered to be particularly Tantric in nature because they can make arousal feel mechanical or too speedy in delivery, as such the deeper connection to yourself or your beloved can be lost.  However, this depends greatly on your choice of toys, their quality and how you learn to integrate or adapt them into your Tantric love making.

Our collection of Sacred Sex Toys are especially Tantric because they look beautiful, feel sensual and function with ease which in turn, will awaken your sense of touch, taste, sound, sight and smell into expansive pleasure and bliss.  Tantra teaches us about the potency of our bodily senses to awaken in us a deeply fulfilling journey of discovery, both with yourself and your beloved. We recommend that you dedicate intimate time with yourself to fully appreciate the magic of your chosen love toy and to hear it’s invitation into pleasure. Your Tantric path is an ever unfolding journey into deeper layers of intimacy and these exquisite sacred love tools are perfect travel companions.

The majority of our Sacred Sex toys are exceptional tools for your Sexual healing journey because they have the capacity to be adapted to meet the individual needs of your body, mind and emotions.  Healing requires your presence, patience, love, compassion and your ability to really listen and honour your body. We recommend that you minimalise the high speed or strong pulse setting so that you can connect more deeply with yourself or your beloved, as you practice Sacred Sexual healing techniques.  The aim of the Love Toys is always to enhance and never to override your sensations and as such, the Collection is adaptable to a variety of settings that suit your personal unfoldment.

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