About Glastonbury Tantric Temple

We are delighted to welcome you to the New Glastonbury Tantric Temple, offering the very best authentic Tantra and Tantric experiences in our modern world.


This new Sacred Sexual Temple is built on the foundations of the original Glastonbury Tantric Temple, created in 2011 by Daya Gold to offer an introduction to the Tantric Arts through the promotion and education of Tantric bodywork and healing. 
Since this time, Tantra has become synonymous with Tantric massage which despite its popularity and healing potential, isn't always an accurate or helpful expression of Sacred Sexual Healing.
As such, we have chosen not to include Tantric Massage as part of our offering in our new Sacred Sexual Healing Temple, in the heart of Avalon, instead we are dedicated to sharing with you a wider expression of authentic Tantra.
As you will discover, we have included a mix of Tantric Tools to enhance your pleasure and healing, as well some divine Tantric teachings from world-renowned Teachers and a sumptuous mix of Sacred intimacy experiences for both women and couples. 
We are delighted to unveil our modern day Tantric Temple which honours the ancient principles and teachings of the Sacred Sexual Healing Arts.  you are invited to join us both online and in person with Alana and her Priestess sisters, in and around the Sacred land of Avalon.

The Temple Pillars

We have created y Pillars to support our work in the Glastonbury Tantric Temple, each one represents a different offering within the Temple.

Sacred Shop Pillar

Within our Sacred Shop Pillar, you will discover a collection of what we consider to be the best Tantric Tools to enhance your sacred sexual journey. We have searched around the world to find many of these divine objects and we are deeply honoured to be able share these for your sacred sexual healing and pleasure.


The 1-to-1 Sacred Intimacy Pillar

A typical session with Daya will last for between 90 minutes to 3 hours and includes some sharing of personal information, a good deal of heart focussed meditation and breathing practices, tantric ceremony and ritual, some guided visualisation and if appropriate, gentle touch and healing.  All touch is consensual, boundaried and is only one way, from Daya to her client and most often clothed or covered.


The focus of Daya’s work is to honour the Sacred Union between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, by offering prayer and healing to any rift that has occurred within these realms, ultimately the aim is to restore harmony, love, peace and joy to our life.

The Chakrubs

The Chakrubs are a unique collection of sacred sexual healing crystals, chosen specifically for their healing properties. They have been individually crafted from pure crystals to enable you to awaken deeper levels of intimacy with yourself and your beloved.

They have a poignant name that honours their many healing gifts as true tantric allies.

The Sacred Sex Toys

The Sacred Love Toy collection includes beautiful objects that we have personally selected to be compatible with Tantric love making, either with yourself or your beloved.

All our toys are exquisitely designed, with sleek functions, that enhance your pleasure with their ease of use, whilst also feeling sensational to handle.

The Tantric Tachyons

The Tachyon Collection introduces you to a powerful new age in tantric healing, namely these fused-quartz healing tools that have been activated by tachyon energy. These beautiful objects have been created in various shapes and sizes, that will introduce you to parts of your body that have incredible potential for expansive pleasure and deep nourishing healing.

The Fusion Essences Pillar

The Tantric Fusion Pillar introduces you to our unique collection of vibrational essence which has been intuitively created to support and enhance your experience of Tantra. Whether you are male, female or a couple, you will discover that these healing essences will offer you many gifts.

The Beloved's Intimacy Pillar

The Beloveds Pillar is our Temple dedication to couple's Sacred Union. Whether you are new or seasoned beloveds, lovers or committed partners, tantra newcomers or tantric veterans, we invite you to awaken the juicy potential of a deeper Tantric Journey together. Both Introduction to Tantra and the more in depth Tantric Retreats, invite you both to love, nourish and deepen your intimate love connection together.

Tantric Teaching's Pillar

The Teachings Pillar is our Temple invitation to you to step into your Tantric Discovery, either on your own or with a partner.
We are honoured to be able to offer you this Tantric on line mastery course, created by world renowned Tantra Teacher and mystic healer Ma Anamd Sarita. Sarita had dedicated her life to search for the truth of Tantra and sacred union and in so doing so has guided literally thousands of students over many decades, to connect with their own sacred sexual path.
It is an absolute pleasure to offer these teachings and the level of wisdom, experience and guidance  that Sarita's depth of Tantric knowledge can awaken in you and from the comfort of your own 'home' Temple.

Shakti's Delight Pillar

The Shakti's Pillar is an invitation to women of all ages to share in the discovery, healing and pleasure of the sacred ceremonies and ancient female honouring practises of the Tantric Temples. These tantric styled spa days are for women to be pampered, nourished and gifted with seasonal delights as we journey around the Sacred Sexual Healing Wheel of the season.
These Shakti Spa retreats will be facilitated by Alana Gold and other experienced Sacred Sexual Priestess healers, each dedicated to honouring and celebrating our Woman's journey.
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