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Alana Gold

Priestess of Glastonbury Tantric Temple

The Founder of the new Glastonbury Tantric Temple, Alana Gold is a Sacred Sexual Priestess Healer, Sex and Relationship Therapist, Tantra Teacher and Author. Her 25 year personal and professional journey into the realms of Sacred Sexual Healing, continually inspires and motivates her to share her dedication to the Tantric Healing Arts and to Rhiannon, Godesss of Love.

As such, Alana has created the new Glastonbury Tantric Temple as a haven of Sacred Love tools, Tantric teachings and Sacred Sexual healing experiences.

She is a passionate advocate of Vibrational Energy Healing and incorporates vibrational essences and crystals into her sexual healing practice, with phenomenal results.

The vibrational fields of love that emanate from these high Vibrational Tools, can help to transcend even the most challenging cellular imprints of negative sexual experiences.


Alana’s Sacred prayer is for the return of Sacred Union between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, within a world where Ecstacy is once again considered to be a natural and essential state of Being.


Priestess Sisterhood

Alana is joined in the Temple by other modern day Sacred Sexual Priestesses, each with an abundance of experience, creativity and joy to share along your Tantric Journey.

They are all dedicated to creating a bridge from ancient to modern day tantra, through the creation of tantric experiences, teachings and celebrations that are relevant to your life and welcome in more joy, pleasure and aliveness.

Alana and her Priestess sisters are in service to you: beloved men, beloved women and beloved couples, no matter your sexual orientation or preference, you are most welcome and most honoured in our Temple.



Temple Services

Currently Alana is offering the following in and around Glastonbury.


Contact Alana

All enquiries to the Glastonbury Tantric Temple will go directly to Alana at Namaste@GlastonburyTantricTemple

Where is the Glastonbury Tantric Temple

Our Glastonbury Tantric Temple is located in various beautiful and dedicated spaces within the ancient Isle of Avalon.
Here we offer Shakti Spa events for women and Tantra Introductory sessions and Retreats for couples. We also facilitate very personalised Tantric Ceremonies for women and couples.
Later in 2018, we will be welcoming dedicated students to our Tantric Arts Training. We also invite you to our Pop up - Sacred Shop, sharing our divine Tantric products, at various local events. We are also a virtual Tantric Temple, offering you the opportunity to experience from the comfort of your own home ‘Temple’.
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