Daya Gold

Private Sacred Intimacy Sessions

Daya Gold Is the Founder of the new Glastonbury Tantric Temple and offers private consultations for men, women and couples in Sacred Intimacy in Somerset.


Daya’s professional background includes sacred intimacy coaching, sex and relationship therapy, tantric meditation and yoga facilitation. Her 25 year journey into the realms of Sacred Sexual Healing continually inspires and motivates her to share the deeper truth of Tantra, both in her private client work and also through the various retreats that she facilitates in the Glastonbury Tantric Temple.


Session With Daya

A typical session with Daya will last for between 90 minutes to 3 hours and includes some sharing of personal information, a good deal of heart focussed meditation and breathing practices, tantric ceremony and ritual, some guided visualisation and if appropriate, gentle touch and healing.  All touch is consensual, boundaried and is only one way, from Daya to her client and most often clothed or covered.


The focus of Daya’s work is to honour the Sacred Union between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, by offering prayer and healing to any rift that has occurred within these realms, ultimately the aim is to restore harmony, love, peace and joy to our life.


Daya’s approach to Tantra is both sacred and practical.  She is a modern day sacred sexual healer and will guide her clients to find creative and simple ways to bring Tantric teachings and ceremony into their everyday life. Daya understands the pressures of every day life, she is a wife and mother and deeply honours the choice that her clients make to nurture themselves when they book for a session or a retreat.


Often times, this can feel like a step into the unknown and so to help unveil the mystery, Daya offers weekly telephone sessions free of charge, in which she invites anyone wishing to work with her, to bring forward their questions for greater clarity.  This time also enables Daya the opportunity to connect with prospective clients which can be reassuring and healing for everyone.


Booking A Session With Daya

Please contact Daya via email and tell her something about yourself and why you might be seeking a private session or a retreat.
It would be wonderful if you can share a little about your personal spiritual practices or if you have had previous sacred sexual healing  experiences and Daya will write back, offering you various times for a phone chat.


Temple Services

Currently, Daya is offering the following in and around Glastonbury.


Contact Daya

All enquiries to the Glastonbury Tantric Temple will go directly to Daya at

Where is the Glastonbury Tantric Temple

Our Glastonbury Tantric Temple is located in various beautiful and dedicated spaces within the ancient Isle of Avalon.
Here we offer Shakti Spa events for women and Tantra Introductory sessions and Retreats for couples. We also facilitate very personalised Tantric Ceremonies for women and couples.
Later in 2018, we will be welcoming dedicated students to our Tantric Arts Training. We also invite you to our Pop up - Sacred Shop, sharing our divine Tantric products, at various local events. We are also a virtual Tantric Temple, offering you the opportunity to experience from the comfort of your own home ‘Temple’.
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