How To Use Tantric Fusion Essences

This is is a guide on how to get the best results for you tantric fusion essence

What to do with your Tantric Fusion Essence

Tantric Fusion Essences have been created to enhance your sacred sexual healing journey and as such, may be taken when ever you feel the need for support with a specific issue or over a long period of time to help with deeper healing and transformation.

  • We recommend that you take 7 drops with each dose, up to 3-5 times a day.
  • However, if you feel guided to take you Essences for more or less times, then please listen to your inner wisdom.
  • Vibrational Essences are highly effective and safe to take more frequently.

If no change is perceived after 2 weeks you may need another essence blend. This is particuarly relevant if you are taking Essences from the chakra set. You may need different chakra essences at different times of the day or month. Again listen to your inner guidance.

How to take the drops

Your drops can be taken directly into your mouth, under your tongue.
Care should be taken to avoid direct contact with the pippet in your mouth. If contact does happen, we suggest that you sterilise the pippet by boilimg in water for 10 minutes.

Your essence can also be dropped into a glass of water or herb tea and sipped through out the day.

We recommend that you gently tap the base of your bottle on the palm of your hand for 20-50 beats before taking your dose. This process helps to reactivate the vibrational healing in your bottle and is important to do what ever the time span between doses.


How to care for your essence

Tantric Fusion Essences are contained in 30ml glass dropper bottles and are best kept away from direct sunlight, in a cool room.

Once opened, they have a shelf life of 5 years. Fridge storeage is recommended for longer periods of resting your Essences.


What the essence contains

Tantric Fusion Essences do not contain actual plants, fauna or minerals. They are made from an energetic trace of the natural world ingredients and are mixed into approx. 24 mls of Avalon Spring Water, with approximately 6mls of Organic Grain Vodka.

The alcohol is used to preserve the essence combination but for people who can’t, for what ever reason, take alcohol we can also sell Tantric Fusion Essences preserved in organic cider vinegar.


How To Use Tantric Fusion Essences Sprays

Our Sacred Union spray is a great way of getting this healing blend into your surroundings, for clearing and shifting energies and for inviting in the potential of this blend into your environment.

Simply spray around your home, Tantric Temple, bedroom or any space that needs a sacred pick up.

We recommend the same level of care for this spray, as with the Tantric Fusion Essences.


Under no circumstances is the spray to be taken internally ie) never spray into your mouth or into a drink. In addition, due to the essential oil content in this blend, it is important to avoid contact with your skin, eyes and mouth.


Caring for the planet

Please recycle your bottles or return them to the Glastonbury Tantric Temple and we can refill them for you.

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