Dive Into The Tantra World Of Pleasure, Intimacy & ConsciousnessWhile Exploring Breathtaking Orgasms & Sensual Delights with the Master Lover Online Tantra Course

What is Master Lover Online Tantra Course

Master Lover online course is based on Tantra Teacher Ma Ananda Sarita's Master Lover Workshop which is an offline Tantra workshop that she has been teaching for many years. It includes tried-and-tested methods have already transformed thousands of love lives, of both singles and couples.

Ma Ananda Sarita


Ma Ananda Sarita is the Tantra Master behind the “Master Lover” online course. She is also a healer, a consultant, and an author of two books on Tantra.

Sarita is extremely excited to see you here, as you’re about to embark on the most sensual journey you could possibly imagine. It's her mission to not only give you all the tools and guidance you’ll need… but also to create a safe and trusted environment for you to transform into your most fulfilled, ecstatic self

About Sarita

As a child, she was very sensitive to subtle energies and guidance from the Universe. As a young teenager, she left her hometown in California and went in search of the essence of life. Sarita hitchhiked her way throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, and India.

Finally, she ended up meeting Osho — one of the most powerful Tantra Masters in the world — in Mumbai (India) at the age of 17. Sarita remained in his community for the next 26 years, receiving much personal guidance on the subject of meditation, Tantra, love, relationships and spirituality.

She has been teaching Tantra since 1990. Her programs are based on Osho’s approach but are also greatly inspired by Kashmiri Tantra, the Baul Mystics, and Gorakh.

Simply put: the Tantra she is teaching is a living bridge between ancient and modern approaches, which is what makes it so accessible to everyone. All you need is to be passionately curious.

She moved to Europe in 1999 where Sarita established a school devoted to Tantra and Healing Arts. But you can find her in various places around the world — teaching retreats, workshops, and facilitating teacher trainings.

Online Tantra Course


Is This Course for You?

Master Lover is for each and every human being out there — whether single or in a relationship… young or old… straight, gay, or experimentative.

It also doesn’t matter whether you’re new or not to Tantra. It’s our promise to you that during this course you will discover, explore, and learn things you haven’t even dreamed of.

This course is for YOU if you’re willing to open your mind and heart to the Tantra teachings. If you want to learn to embrace your masculine and feminine side — the eternal interplay of Yin and Yang.

It’s for you if you want to go deeper into your sexuality to experience life-changing orgasms and powerful soul connection with your beloved.

And finally — it’s for you if you want to use this powerful energy and transform it into spiritual awakening.

Click the image below and you will be taken to a website where you can register.

We are honoured that Master Lover’s profound wisdom is available to anyone, from any corner of the world, at their own schedule and from the privacy of their bedroom, as one of our Sacred Temple Pillars.

Ma Ananda Sarita has been teaching Tantra since 1990, her rich programs are based on Osho’s approach but are also greatly inspired by Kashmiri Tantra, the Baul Mystics, and Gorakh.

Simply put, the Tantra that Sarita teaches is a living bridge between ancient and modern approaches, which is what makes her on-line course so accessible to everyone.

Regardless of whether you have previous experience of Tantra, you will be given all the tools and guidance you’ll need for you to transform into your most fulfilled, ecstatic self, without needing to leave the sanctuary of your own Temple.

The experience of Tantra can be deeply healing, as you embrace both your masculine and feminine side, bringing about a sense of inner balance and welbeing.

The journey will be transformative for both individuals and couples, as you learn to navigate the dance of the opposites, yin and yang in your every day lives and recognise just how much the on-line course will be benefiting your daily life, in ways beyond the bedroom.

This is the healing aspect of Tantra that so frequently gets sidelined, that Sacred sexual healing will give you a greater sense of confidence and self empowerment to live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

As you journey through the course, you will notice deep transformation in your approach to your sexuality, regardless of whether you are a new comer or old timer to Tantra.

Opening to deeper levels of pleasure is an ongoing core human focus, no matter your background. Gradually the lid will lift, releasing old stagnant energy and enabling you to feel more aligned & connected with your True Ecstatic Self and your desire for more expansive experiences of pleasure.
You will discover different types of orgasms & their healing powers, as well as mastering the art of self pleasure & experiences of full-body orgasms.

Tantra offers us the potential to harness the power of ecstasy and transform it into spiritual awakening.

However, this can feel easier said or read about, than done!

Fortunately, this has been a lifetime’s journey for Tantra Master Anand Sarita and as such, it is her absolute delight to be able to help so many students of Tantra to benefit from her long journey of discovery into the realms of spiritual connection, through the ecstatic making of love with the everything.

For many, the desire and ability to make love for hours and hours, is a sincere enticement onto the path of Tantra and a very worthy pursuit indeed.

Often times, relationships can be blighted by complex emotional burdens, lifestyle stresses and the reality of the family/work juggle. Much discord, results from misunderstandings and collective lack of education about sex and relationships.

Without doubt, this online Master class is a big gift for all couples, especially for couples who otherwise wouldn’t manage to get away for extended periods of Tantra or may not have the resources to support a Tantra journey beyond the family home. It is a wonderfully accessible opportunity for all individuals, whether seeking to find a beloved, in a new relationship, long term partnerships, recently widowed or divorced and seeking to heal or wanted to explore a relationship with yourself.

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