Private Tantric Fusion Essence Consultation

We are delighted by the amazing potential that our Tantric Fusion Essences and Sacred Union Spray will invite into your Sacred Temple, both in the realms of healing and pleasure.

Should you feel the desire for a more personalised blend, created for yourself or as a Divine Gift for a beloved - an essence or spray to compliment your sacred sexual journey - then please contact Daya Gold directly.

Daya has journeyed deeply with the Quantum Essences as well as many other global Flower Essences spanning 20 years. She is a fully insured Vibrational Essence practitioner and is also the creatrix of the Tantric Fusion Essences range.

Daya also weaves the precious Quantum Essences, Tantric Fusion blends into the Shakti Spa events, all Shakti participants are invited to create their own rollerball oil blends with the Essences and doterra essential oils.


How to book a tantric essence consultation

Daya offers online and telephone consultations to create your personal Tantric Essence or auric spray.

Cost: £45 for the consultation (up to 60 mins) plus the cost for the bottled essence

Contact Daya

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