The school of Erotic Touch are a learning community of pleasure activists. They affirm that erotic pleasure is a healing principle, a source of aliveness, and a way to connect ourselves, our partners, our communities and all of life. They are committed to the sexual well-being of all people because They believe this is the quickest (and most fun) way to evolve our relationship to one another and the planet.

The School of Erotic Touch is a online learning resource for anyone who want engage with sexual healing and pleasure for themselves or with touching others. They offer the largest and most beautiful collection of explicit erotic massage educational video found anywhere on the web. There are many options for viewing streaming video erotic massage teachings. You also can "download-to-own" any video from their site.

The school also provides free articles, some free videos with new ideas and valuable information on sexuality and erotic touch. They cater for all sexual orientations and genders. Whether you are seeking to touch another for pleasure and healing or for your own satisfaction

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