Fifty Shades Darker Principles of Lust Romance Couples Kit


Embark on a journey into the thrilling world of restraint play and heightened senses with the Principles of Lust romantic couples kit. Bind your lover with the silky wrist restraints, then reach for the titillating mix of toys to really let the fun begin.

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Product Description

• Our Fifty Shades Darker Principles Of Lust Romance Couples Kit consists on Toys and soft bondage kit for beginners

• Blindfold to deprive sight and heighten senses

• Silky wrist restraints to introduce thrill of restraint play

• Mini feather tickler to excite the senses • Finger vibrator to bring intimate nerve endings alive

• Adjustable cock ring to enhance foreplay and sex

• Perfect mix of non-intimidating, exciting soft bondage accessories and toys

• Ideal for romantic weekends away


Additional information

Weight 0.1500 kg
Dimensions 26 x 16 x 4 cm


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