Tachyonized Root Chakra Plug – Women’s Kundalini Activation

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This sacred Tachyonized Tachyon tantra product stimulates the perineum and rosetta increasing orgasmic and sexual pleasure and opens you to deep sexual joy and healing.

Product Description


The Tachyonized Base Chakra Plug is for activating and awakening the woman's Perineum and Rosetta. The Base Chakra, otherwise known Muladhara, is the First Chakra in the classical 7-Chakra map of the energy bodies. Mula means "root" and Dhara means "base" or "support". This chakra is associated with the qualities of feeling grounded, security, connection with the Earth, stability, survival, animal instinct, and primal sexuality. On the physical body, it is located between the Rosetta (Anus) and Perineum. By stimulating this area with this Tachyonized Anal Plug, you engender the qualities of trust, stability, and groundedness, as well as increasing your orgasmic pleasure potential. Deep anal and perineum healing happens passively and naturally. The fused quartz material is safe, durable, and powerful.

How To Use

For use in the Anus. Make sure to apply a generous amount of lubricant to both the wand and the anal sphincter - we recommend Tachyonized Passion Organics or Tachyonized Coconut Oil, applied liberally and often. Insert your Tachyonized Anal Plug gently, as the tissues of the sexual organs are delicate and sensitive. The energy flows out of the rounded end, which is the end that is meant to be inserted, not the T-shaped handle. The Tachyonized Anal Plug is meant to be fully inserted and left passively resting in stillness - the healing and activation of the Anus and Perineum will happen without effort. The T-shaped handle was designed so that the Plug can be inserted and left inside for as long as you'd like, and for easy removal. When complete, gently remove the Plug, clean it thoroughly and sterilize it with boiling water following the directions below.

Contraindications and Cautions:

Please remember that you should boil your Tachyonized Anal Plug and sterilize it thoroughly each time following the directions above, to prevent the spread of bacteria and risk of infection. For safety and hygiene, we do not recommend sharing your Tachyonized Anal Plug with a partner, and do not use the Plug in the mouth or yoni after using on the Anus.


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