Daya offers Tantric body work for men, women and couples.

With over twenty-five years experience of massage and healing, Daya understands the needs of her clients and believes that from time to time, there are great benefits to wellbeing in receiving Sacred sexual bodywork.


By its nature Tantric massage, invites the body, mind and emotions to fully relax and receive varied sensational stimuli that in turn, teach the body to open up new pathways of pleasure to heart connection.


The experience of Tantric bodywork is different to erotic expression because there is no goal post or measure of success involved, rather the art of Tantric massage invites a blissful state of being and ecstatic stillness which can be immensely pleasurable.


Daya offers 3 steps to awakening your Tantric pleasure

Step One

Daya will guide you through tantric rituals to awaken one or more of your five senses (touch, hearing, smell, taste, sight) and to establish a deeper connection, mutual trust and unconditional love.

Step Two

Daya will introduce you to the experience of touch in a safe, consensual and sacred environment, whilst staying present with any emotions arising in the moment.
She will gently begin to massage and stretch your body into simple yoga postures, clothed or semi-clothed, whatever feels acceptable for your comfort zone.

Step Three

Daya will coach you in the practice of deep breath-work, as means to increase sensation in your body and awaken lasting pleasure. She will encourage you to make sounds and to move your body during your session, as a way to communicate your feelings and release any stress or tension from your body.


Daya may decide to draw the session to a close at this point or continue on to experience a Tantric Massage.

Tantra Massage Locations

Daya offers tantra massage in:

  • les 3 vallées, meribel, France

Full details are given upon booking

Working 1:1 With Daya

  • Daya offers private 1:1 sessions in les 3 vallées, Meribel, France. Her sacred intimacy session includes an exploration of heart centred sexuality, devotional practices, ceremony, meditation, breath awareness, yoga, sacred sexual healing and tantric massage.
  • Daya’s particular way of working is devotional. Her gift is to honour the divine masculine and divine feminine principles and to recognise the God and Goddess within you.
  • Please contact Daya via email to share something about yourself and why you might be seeking a private session. It would be wonderful if you could tell Daya a little about your personal spiritual practices or if you have had previous sacred sexual healing. Daya will write back, offering you various times for an introductory phone chat, if this is appropriate.

Contact Daya

All enquiries to the Glastonbury Tantric Temple will go directly to Daya at Daya@GlastonburyTantricTemple.com