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Tantric Fusion Essences are unique vibrational essence blends, lovingly created for the Glastonbury Tantric Temple, from New Zealand's Quantum Essences.

Tantric Fusion Essences are unique vibrational blends, lovingly created for the Glastonbury Tantric Temple from Quantum Essences, which are a range of 24 plus formulas each combining the powerful properties of flora, fauna and minerals that make up New Zealand.

These formulas have been created at this time of great transformation to offer support, insight and emotional guidance.

The native bush of New Zealand is truly a unique treasure with many ancient species found nowhere else in the world. It is this quality of purity and the powerful vibration they hold that makes these combinations perfect for Tantric journeys and sacred sexual healing.

Each Quantum Essence holds the medicinal property or healing quality of trees, plants, and minerals and have been created with the greatest respect and highest intent.

We have combined Quantum Essences to bring you a flavour of Tantra in a bottle.

Both the Chakra Sequences and the individual blends: Shakti, Shiva, Devotion, Desire and Beloved have been created with the intent to reawaken the potency of the ancient healing Temples around the world, hence our choice to blend Essences originating in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Sacred Union auric spray is a unique blend of the Quantum Essences with Doterra essential oils to create a Divine ambience to enhance your Tantric experience.

We are overjoyed to be the Guardians of the Quantum Essences here in the northern Hemisphere and ecstatic that we are finally able to offer these unique blends and combinations with Doterra oils in the Glastonbury Tantric Temple, as ally in your sacred sexual journey.  They originally arrived in Glastonbury in 2012 and after 5 years of being close to our hearts, we believe that it is now the right time to unveil these very special Essences.


Quantum Essences have been specifically chosen for our blends because they help you to release old thought patterns, as well as emotional and physical blocks so that your life becomes more in the flow of who we truly are. This is extremely important when it comes to the practice of Tantra, as oftentimes our ‘story’ can sabotage the potential for intimacy with your beloved.

Most Tantric meditations and ceremonies require a minimum amount of time to practice and this often needs focus and discipline, as well as an ability to put everyday stress to one side in the pursuit of pleasure. The aim of these blends and body products is to lift the lid on this potential and enable you to dive deeper into your Tantric journey.

This powerful set of combinations offers you the opportunity to work at a deep level with the issues and patterns that most affect our mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and sexual well being.
Sacred sexual healing is a deeply transformative gateway to experience pleasure states that can transcend the everyday mind.  Like mediation and yoga, the practice of Tantra, either with or without a partner offers you a haven of inner stillness combined with potent states of ecstatic bliss.
Each oil or essence has a specific sacred sexual healing intent for men and women, certain blends also include positive affirmations that enhance the vibrational resonance and overall benefit.

Tantric lovemaking in its highest potential, invites you to become so fully present and relaxed in your body, that deeper states of arousal can uncoil, leading you into states of ecstatic bliss.
Often times, negative past experiences can cast a shadow over our attainment of pleasure, resulting in frustration, distraction or numbness. It is at these times that we can reach for our Tantric Essence or Auric spray, to help ourselves to transcend these emotional challenges and relinquish any blocks in the way of our experience and birthright for pleasure.

We have created Chakra Fusion Essences to help you to explore each of the seven chakras, by connecting each Chakra to a specific Quantum Essence.. These vibrational essences flood each chakra with light and help to balance your energies, enabling you to access deeper meditative states which can be very supportive to the practice of Tantra.

Everyone seeks fulfilment in one way or another. True fulfilment becomes more attainable when your chakras are open and flowing. However, even if only certain chakras are opened up, a person will already begin experiencing great joy in life.

Tantra is the union of meditation and love. No matter what style of meditation you practice, all methods lead into present moment awareness, into the space beyond time and mind. This blissful state of presence, opens up the potential for you to meet more of your ecstatic being, either on your own or with a Beloved.

Tantra helps to turn your attention inward, toward an incredible storehouse of bliss and happiness which will be unveiled more and more, as you experience the transformative power of our vibrational essences and body products.

Often times our mind will interfere with this potential and you may miss this so called ‘absolute bliss’ because of the distraction that life presents, resulting in feelings of frustration and disappointment.

Fortunately the vibrational potential within our Tantric Fusion range will enable you to refocus back to the simplicity of your connection with the moment and the simplicity that touch, breath and visualisation can bring to your joy in your everyday life.

Tantra Essence Sacred Union
Tantra Essence Set Number 004 - Beloved, Devotion, Desire, Shakti, Shiva Set - 30ml Droppers
Tantra Essence Set Number 001 8 Chakras Set
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