Shakti Delight

Womens Tantra Spa Days

We invite women of all ages to join us at our Glastonbury Tantric Temple Shakti Spa Events.

Daya Gold invites women of all ages to join her for a magical Shakti Spa session, in her wonderfully nurturing and private Temple space in Somerset.

Daya will weave together beautiful Tantric ceremonies, with deeply restful, soulful and sensual experiences, for both individual women and small groups of female friends.

Daya respects the individual boundaries of her participants and whatever you choose to share with her about what has brought you to this Sacred Feminine healing space, will be held in total confidence.

Daya offers her Shakti Spa sessions from three hours to full day events and will create a perfect balance of rest, relaxation, rejuvenation and Tantric delights She will chat to you before your session about what you are you hoping to experience and from this information, will create a very personalised session dedicated to you.



What Happens at a Tantra Spa

Daya’s Tantric Spa events include tantric ceremonies, gentle yoga and movement practices, luxurious bodywork experiences, restorative meditations, as well as delicious raw chocolate, personalised Tantric Fusion essences, laughter, joy and love.

It is Daya’s absolute pleasure to be able to share these Sacred female practices and healing ceremonies with you, from the ancient Tantric Temples to Spa rituals from around the world that indulge your body, mind and senses with all of mother earth's most divine gifts.



Making a Booking

Please contact Daya to introduce yourself and to begin a gentle discussion about the nature of Shakti Spa sessions.

FAQ's for Womens Tantra Spa Days

Do I have to be naked?

Nudity is not necessary and your privacy and boundaries are always honoured and respected. Daya can work around your comfort levels with your body. Her aim is to help you to feel more body confident and relaxed and will always check in with your feelings and your consent throughout the sessions.


Is the bodywork erotic?

Daya’s bodywork is sensual in nature, with the invitation for you to awaken your senses to pleasure, in this way, her bodywork is not explicitly erotic. Daya is very actively committed to creating a safe environment where giving and receiving touch is always mutually consensual. This means that she will invite you to explore what you want to receive and how you want to be touched or indeed touch. Most women do not know what they want and feel shy to express also.


Is all touch Consensual?

Everything that happens during a session with Daya is based on a foundation of mutual consent. She will teach you the difference between giving and taking and receiving and allowing which can bring a great sense of relief and relaxation to your body and mind, as you begin to discover and express how you want to be touched and to touch. This involves listening and being listened to and the relief this brings, when we receive what truly feeds and nourishes us

Will there be explicit genital touch?

Within the ancient sacred sexual healing ceremonies for women, there are intimate practices that include Sacred Yoni ceremonies. (yoni is the word for female genitals in Sanskrit).These beautiful ceremonies would only be introduced in sessions for women who had already done a considerable personal Sacred sexual healing journey and understood the level of intimate touch involved in a Yoni Healing ceremony.

This very special type of Healing ceremony would always be facilitated privately and with total consent of the participant. Daya will always ask for details about your sexual history and therapeutic experiences ahead of your session. This is for your safety and also for the level of support that she is able to offer you, especially within the context of a group.

In the case that you have had challenging sexual history, Daya will invite you to have a private session with her before you come to Tantric Spa with friends so she can understand how best to hold and support you.

Will everything that I share be confidential?

As women we often come together in sharing circles to reflect with one another about issues and feelings that are very specific in nature to being a woman. This presents an amazing gift, as often what we are holding in our heart but too afraid to say, is expressed'for us' by another woman in the circle. This is the magic of sisterhood and will be a key component of our Shakti sessions, whether individual or small groups. Everything shared and witnessed is held in confidentiality.

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