Glastonbury Tantric Temple 

We are a 21st century Temple, dedicated to Sacred Sexual Healing offering the very best authentic Tantra and Tantric experiences

Tantra invites you to journey from mind into body and from thinking into feeling. In Tantra, we take time to just feel, to connect, to love, to breath and to express our authentic self in all life.

I sincerely hope that you will discover a supportive and accessible introduction to Tantra, Tantric Healing Therapy and Tantric Massage, as well as personalised Tantra retreats, and divine Tantric healing tools, all within the Glastonbury Tantric Temple.

As the founder and facilitator of the Glastonbury Tantric Temple, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Namaste Daya

By its nature Tantric massage, invites the body, mind and emotions to fully relax and receive varied sensational stimuli that in turn, teach the body to open up new pathways of pleasure to heart connection.
The experience of Tantric bodywork is different to erotic expression because there is no goal post or measure of success involved, rather the art of Tantric massage invites a blissful state of being and ecstatic stillness which can be immensely pleasurable.

Tantra honours sexual energy as sacred and Sexual energy is considered to be very powerful and potent.  In Daya’s Tantric healing sessions, sexual energy is awakened, safely, with care and full consent, to help to heal the whole body.

Daya’s therapeutic experience and training, enable her to offer clients a variety of Tantric healing techniques which can help you connect to and release your emotional wounding and regain a natural ease and flow within your sexual expression.

Within our Tantric Shop, you will discover a collection of what we consider to be the best Tantric Tools to enhance your sacred sexual journey. We have searched around the world to find many of these divine objects and we are deeply honoured to be able to share these for your sacred sexual healing and pleasure.

Tantric Fusion introduces you to our unique collection of vibrational essence which has been intuitively created to support and enhance your experience of Tantra. Whether you are male, female or a couple, you will discover that these healing essences will offer you many gifts.

Daya can also create a personalised essence for you in a private essence consultation

The Couples Retreats is our Temple dedication to couple's Sacred Union. Whether you are new or seasoned beloveds, lovers or committed partners, tantra newcomers or tantric veterans, we invite you to awaken the juicy potential of a deeper Tantric Journey together. Both Introduction to Tantra and the more in-depth Tantric Retreats, invite you both to love, nourish and deepen your intimate love connection together.

The Couples Tantra Introduction In this gentle 3 hour couples tantra introduction to the principles of Tantric lovemaking, we will guide you into a deeper appreciation of how Tantra can bring more intimacy and pleasure to your love relationship. Tantra invites you to connect more deeply with your Beloved, through the sacred practice of sharing your heart’s desire, for deeper connection and intimacy.