Couples Introduction To Tantra

Learn the Secret Tantric Lovemaking Techniques

In this gentle 3 hour couples tantra introduction to the principles of Tantric lovemaking, we will guide you into a deeper appreciation of how Tantra can bring more intimacy and pleasure to your love relationship. Tantra invites you to connect more deeply with your Beloved, through the sacred practice of sharing your heart’s desire, for deeper connection and intimacy.
Daya will facilitate this sharing of your heart’s desires and invite you to practice specific Tantra techniques together that will compliment your existing relationship communication, both verbally and non verbally.


Tantra encompasses so many aspects of your relationship, hence this special time will transport your love life to another level, awakening your new ‘Tantric Eyes’ to see and be seen by each other, with more compassion and care.
During the 3 hours, you will learn Tantric techniques to enhance your connection, erotic touch and sensuality. Daya will explain all techniques in detail that she recommends for your relationship enhancement.  She will offer various adaptions to each practice to suit your relationship, especially your age, time together and mobility.


About the couples tantra introduction session

All sessions are tailored to your individual relationship needs.
All experiences will be facilitated fully clothed, with the aim of awakening the potential of these Tantric practises for you to on to practice in the privacy of your own home.
Every couples tantra introductory session is unique. The content is formulated from the information that you choose to share with Daya via email before you meet or during the first part of your time together.


Daya has sacred knowledge of a vast collection of ancient Tantric Teachings and will select the very best combination of practices to serve you both individually and as Beloveds.
Your time together in the Tantric Temple is always fun, pleasurable and deeply moving.  It offers you a general introduction to Tantric principles for enhanced lovemaking and may be just the perfect invitation into a deeper journey towards Sacred Union.

"Friday night was absolutely amazing experience for both of us and we were completely blown away by the feelings that are created with Tantra. We both feel we have embarked on a journey we are truly going to enjoy developing and building on. (We’ve had a great weekend practicing!!) Thankyou so much for your guidance and patience. "

A tantra introduction can include:

  • Developing your confidence to give and receive expansive pleasure
  • Awakening eroticism in your partner through breath and touch
  • Discovering many ways to arouse his/her erogenous zones
  • Exploring variety of strokes and techniques to build his/her passion
  • Practising full body touch to heighten sensitivity and raise energy
  • Understanding and practising fully consensual love making

Introduction To Tantra is just £175 and takes place via live video with Daya and another person if necessary for teaching

Please email for more information