2023 Retreats available in UK, Ireland & France

Couples Tantra Retreats Somerset

Weekend breaks for beloved's intimate connection

Retreat away for the weekend in our Sacred Love Nest with your beloved and share the delights of learning Tantra together in a warm and beautiful private space, dedicated to your sacred intimacy journey.


Our 3 day Tantric retreats, either private or small group, in UK, France and Ireland. After a relaxed arrival in the afternoon, you will be welcomed by Daya, who will have prepared a personalised program of Tantric delights for your stay.

Choice of Retreats

We offer either private or small group retreats for couples in the magical Island of Avalon.


Private Retreats

Daya's private retreats are 3 day/2 night private Tantric retreat programs (aka our Sacred Love Nests.) These cost £475 per couple and include 3 blocks of 3 hour Tantra teaching sessions with Daya, as well as an introductory zoom session taken before your stay. The cost of your accommodation for 2 nights is dependent on your choice of location, this is paid directly to the venue. Daya can advise you of various locations in UK, France and Ireland.


A unique program can be created to suit your relationship, offering you an immensely pleasurable experience of Tantra. Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned Tantric couple, Daya will be there to awaken your imagination to the joys of sacred sexual union during your stay and beyond.


Yurt Accommodation

Daya will suggest accommodation based on your location and what you want to experience together on your private retreat. These are a 2 of many of our retreat partners
  • Banbury Meadows - Somerset. One of the top 10 best glamping experiences in the UK according to The Telegraph.
  • Croft Farm Escapes - Hertfordshire. Rich with unique character, The Croft Farm is an eco-conscious wonderland built on a creative festival site.



Learn The Delights Of Tantric Massage

About the Couples Tantra Massage Retreat

We will invite you to explore the ancient art of authentic Tantric massage so that by the end of your retreat, you will have all the skills and techniques in place to give and receive a mind-blowing orgasmic Tantric massage with your Beloved. Each step of the massage will be explained in detail, facilitated and demonstrated so that you feel comfortable and confident to go on to practice this divine and deeply erotic massage in privacy of your Love Nest.



Experience the bliss of tantric lovemaking

About the Couples Tantric Lovemaking Retreat

We will guide you on a journey through the many veils of pleasure, enabling you to open up to the potential of ecstatic bliss states together.
Think karma Sutra and then imagine how you might feel so totally relaxed and in tune with each other, that you can glide easily together between these delicious lovemaking positions and experiences.
Gradually, throughout your stay, you will dive deeper and deeper with your partner into expansive and timeless lovemaking, in which you will behold more of the true inner beauty and magnificence of your beloved.
Daya will facilitate your journey together into these more trance lovemaking experiences, by introducing you first to relaxing bodywork techniques, expansive breath and meditation practices and then onto Sacred Sexual pleasure techniques that enable you to go beyond goal orientated lovemaking, into more ecstasy.


The Art Of Sacred Sexual Ritual And Ceremony

About the Couples Tantric Ritual Retreat

We will initiate you into a series of Temple rituals and ceremonies that honour the male (Shiva) and female (Shakti) aspects that live out in both partners.  When you sit opposite your Beloved, you become his/her mirror to aspects of him/her that are perhaps hidden in our everyday lives,  we give great thanks and honour the sacred gift that our union brings to us on this level.  Daya will facilitate you in doing this Namaste practice throughout your stay, in a simple yet profound ceremony of honouring your Sacred Union.
Through the practice of Tantric Ceremony, couples are able to access greater states of devotion and bliss, as well as deeper levels of intimacy, in what can often become a somewhat mundane experience of sex.
From within your Sacred Love Nest, you will discover how a Tantric relationship represents a powerful union and is a resource that can truly accelerate the spiritual evolution of both partners, as well as helping to develop a new awareness of your own sexuality and that of your partner.

What is included

  • All Tantric massage techniques and skills for male and females will be taught and demonstrated either on your body or on a prosthetic genital model.
  • All touch is consensual and one way, Daya to you.
  • There will be three x 3 hour private teaching sessions facilitated by Daya included in the weekend.
  • Your boundaries and privacy will be respected at all times.
  • We will create a personalised Altar to celebrate your Tantric union and you are welcome to bring your own power objects to add to this. Daya will explain in more detail about the meaning of these objects at the beginning of your retreat.
  • Daya will also explain her boundaries regarding reciprocal touch and discuss yours as well.  She will also explain that her role is to facilitate experiential tantric experiences, not to participate in any way in your lovemaking.

What is NOT included

  • All touch is one way, Teacher to the client, it is never reciprocal.
  • There is is no prerequisite for nudity.
  • Any other sexual services or intimate acts are never suggested, offered or included.

How to Book a Couples Tantra Retreat

We invite you to introduce yourselves and to tell us something about your relationship and any past Tantric experiences that you may have had together or separately. It would be great to know which Sacred Love Nest retreat interests you the most and why.


Daya will relieve this information directly and will contact you via email.  It may be that she will ask you for more information or she may decide to recommend an alternative experience for you and your Beloved.  Or she may simply invite you to set up a time to talk together with her.


You are also welcome to ask your own questions Via email directly to Daya.


We welcome all couples with varying levels of Tantric experience to enquire about our Sacred Love Nest Retreats. Daya does prefer to get to know her clients before they book a Sacred Love Nest Retreat, due to the explicit content of the material used in the retreat and the levels intimacy involved, also to ensure that is a safe and pleasurable experience for everyone involved. An ideal way to meet Daya prior to booking a longer retreat would be to experience our Tantric Introductory session for Couples.

Retreat Faciliator Daya

Couples Retreat Prices

Private love nest package costs £475 per couple for two nights and includes your beautiful glamping accommodation and 3 x three hour Tantra teaching sessions with Daya, taken during your stay.

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